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Beware of currents and rip tides. Sunda strait doesn't have the same dangerous currents as along the south coast of Java though. Be careful with open wounds especially from coral reefs. They heal slow and get easily infected due to the tropical climate and the mobile lifestyle a tourist keeps. Clean and disinfect. Betadine is recommended for your medicine kit.

In the oceans are many sharks, but the most dangerous ones, for example the Great White shark, prefers a bit cooler water. It is extremely rare in Indonesian waters. Common reef sharks are not considered dangerous. Sharks that feel threatened can attack. Always stay calm and leave the area. The barracuda is less dangerous than the shark, but can be attracted by flashy jewelry and speared fish. The Indonesian barracudas are not aggressive as their relatives in the Atlantic though. Sea snakes are the most poisonous of all snakes, but not aggressive. Their teeth are very short and placed far in and can only bite small objects. The saltwater crocodile is an aggressive creature. They live normally in murky estuaries and not at coral reefs and moving waters. Crocodiles are extinct in most rivers or afraid of humans, however common in the Alas River near Singkil. Crocodiles are probably the most dangerous animals in Indonesia, with the exception of the mosquito, when looking at statistics.

Stingrays and scorpion fish should be taken seriously. The stingrays often hide in sandy areas near the shore. They normally flee when a human is coming, but sting if they are suddenly stepped upon. Using flip-flops doesn’t protect. The sting is rarely fatal for an adult, but causes much pain and fever. Get the victim to the beach and remove any spine still left. Wash and slightly bleed the punctured area. Immerse the wound in hot water, up to 50 degrees or put on hot compresses. See a doctor. If you are too far from a doctor, consult a local healer. They are often experienced with these kinds of problems. Scorpion fish and Stonefish are poisonous and camouflage themselves. The stonefish can be deadly. Sea Urchins, especially the black ones, are better avoided. Be careful when you walk over the reef. They can be painful to step on. The spines can be dissolved by urine. Jellyfish are not a problem in Indonesia


Diving is best on krakatau and Ujung Kulon. Also the snorkeling is fantastic there, but there is also snorkeling in Pulau Krakatau and Peucang. Diving has not yet been developed in Ujung Kulon and Pulau Krakatau.



















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